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Who is Levi 

I'm a regular guy just like you.

I'm a part-time online entrepreneur and is building an online business next to my paycheck to paycheck job. In 2018 I experienced how a nervous breakdown feels like...

I can tell you that's one of the worst feelings you can experience.

There were two causes of that...

One was financial problems and the second being denied a promotion I literally put all my blood sweat and tears in... (No offense to my employer because they did me a favor).

When I realized I was losing touch of reality I picked myself up from the ground and went on a feverish search on the Internet to find a solution.

No more feeling sorry for myself.

Forcing my mind that I have the ambition and potential to built something for myself. And with that mindset found the magical world of online marketing.

After failing for a year finally I met (real) entrepreneurs that helped me start and set up my own online business.

Since then I decided to pass that knowledge through and help people and small businesses to use online marketing to their advantage.

I'm humbled you found my website and are happy If I can be some kind of service for you.

Connect with me however you want if you need any kind of help with online marketing.

Yours truly,
Levi Gomez 
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